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We develop Machine-Learning solutions

Our team is focused on bringing the latest available technologies to our client’s business. We aim for efficient, high tailored solutions to help you innovate and differentiate from your competition.

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End-to-end ML

We accompany you during the whole development process, from requirements gathering to integration and deploy. Our capabilities go well beyond ML, and whether you need to implement a nice looking front-end or write backend logic, you count on us.

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Fast prototype ideas

Sometimes, the focus is on quickly development of an MVP, to validate feasibility or raise funding. As entrepreneurs, we understand your needs and adapt to a highly dynamic environment.

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Partner up with your team

When you need to incorporate a machine learning vision to your project but are lacking the skills, we are ready to jump in and work together with your team, bringing speed and proven knowledge.

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About eidos.ai

We are a small team of developers passionate about AI progress and the new possibilities this enables. Although we have a strong academic background, we like to keep it practical, always being close to the client and never forget the goal: bring value to businesses.

  • Quality Commitment
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Long-Term Relationships
  • Good Communication
  • Practical Vision
  • Result Oriented
How it Works

Teaching computers to see

When training Computer Vision models, we are actually making computers capable of seeing and understanding the outside world.
These are some of the things we have given them eyes for.


Sports Analytics

Thousands of data points are generated during any sports match: passes, player’s speed, goals, shots. We help companies automate these events detection from video recordings, so as to know when they happened even before somebody watches the match.


Movement Analysis

Human body is a complex machine capable of countless movements and poses. Using body keypoint detectors like OpenPose or BlazePose, we write custom logic to detect when the user starts or stops a specific movement, for example a Yoga Asana or a Crossfit series workout.


Retail Video Analytics

Use Computer Vision software to understand what your customers are doing in your shop. How do they navigate the store? Which products do they look at first? Find the answers to make data-based decisions or incorporate breaking through technology like automatic cashier-less checkout or targeted advertisement.


Industry Automation

The rise of Artificial Intelligence technologies driven by big data are fuelling a Fourth Industrial Revolution. Attention-intensive tasks that are both expensive and error-prone to be done by humans can be automated by Computer Vision models, increasing reliability and decreasing costs.


Hand control UX

Reliable, real-time hand pose detection enables new ways of interacting with machines. Add gesture recognition to your application, let users interact with scenery on Augmented Reality, or even allow the user to remotely control the system.


Your new idea

New technologies enable new horizons. Possibilities are endless. We are ready to help you turn your idea into action. Contact us to discuss feasibility.

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Why Choose Us?

We are passionate about new technologies in AI, and we keep up to date to offer the best available solutions

We aim for a good fit in every project, we are interested in developing long term relationships with our clients. And we are based in Montevideo, Uruguay with a US-friendly time-zone.

We are currently ranking on the Top Ten Artificial Intelligence Companies in Latin America on Clutch.

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Our team is focused on bringing the latest available technologies to our client’s business. We aim for efficient, high tailored solutions to help you innovate and differentiate from your competition.

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