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Teaching computers to see

We help you develop the AI you need to fuel your idea.

We specialize on automatic video processing

Rapid progress on AI is making computers able to do things they couldn't before, enabling new business aplications.

Images and videos are rich sources of information, we use the last available technology to extract the information your application needs from them.

Let us find the best computer vision algorithms for your needs while you take care of your core business.

Endless possibilities.

Human Motion

The human body is a fascinating structure with endless possibilities. With 360 joints in our skeleton, there are endless possibilities to the poses we can strike and infinite movements to be made.
Using state-of-the-art technologies, we detect these body parts and follow their movement on videos to understand human motion and behaviour.

Human motion is at the core of almost every existing sport. We develop AIs to find patterns on players movements and analyze their performance.

A healthy body is key for well-living. Analytics on people pose and movement enable early detection of health problems and finding for each patient the treatment that better suits them.

Our body speaks for our mind. Reading body language gives important insights on audience's engagement or shoppers interest on a product.


If it is not somebody, then it’s something.
Object detection enables software to automatically find and locate specific objects on an image or video. From generic objects like cars, trees or furniture to something so specific as your brand’s new product, we train Deep Learning models to recognize these objects on your images or video stream.

Detect objects and track their movement around an area.

Count how many instances of a given object are seen, and get details about their position or size.

Keep a watch over a zone and trigger an alarm when certain object is seen entering or leaving it

Obtain better results on quality control by using AI to detect faulty parts on an assembly line.

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